Recognising the importance of the driving risks facing our employees every day, the Gough Group has been using the National Advanced Drivers School to equip our drivers with the correct driving skills. This gives them the best possible chance to avoid accidents. The course is the right mix of theory and practical sessions and feedback from our staff has been very positive.
— Karl Smith / CEO - Gough Group

DuPont has a very high focus on safety and driving safely in particular as it is clearly identified as our highest risk area re potential for serious injury or a fatality. But the reality is that improving our driving skills makes good business sense through reduced wear and tear and ability to minimise the possibility of disruptions caused through incidents or accidents.

DuPont drivers have been attending behind the wheel training sessions undertaken by National Advanced Drivers School every 2 years for many years and the unqualified response by all who attend is that these training sessions are always of high value and driving skills are always enhanced after each refresher training programme. National Advanced Drivers School has always been very responsive to our needs and we look forward to working even closer through an annual driver audit programme in the future.
— Mark Christie / NZ Country Manager - DuPont New Zealand

For many years we have been sending our drivers on courses run by National Advanced Drivers School (NADS) and shall continue to do so with many drivers having now been on all three course levels or at least a refresher course. Feedback from our drivers has been excellent, with comments such as “It was a most enjoyable day; the instructors were fantastic; I learnt a lot about myself and my vehicle.” The course content is both instructive and practical. NADS has been also been accommodating when booked courses end up conflicting with employee business requirements.

From our perspective there are good reasons to continue sending our drivers on these courses – our Health and Safety obligations being a major factor. On top of this, over a period of time, we have seen significant drops in our accident / incident rates, resulting in a positive build up of our self insurance fund. Many drivers have stated that their whole attitude to driving has changed and that, having experienced first-hand the dynamics of vehicle control, they are now safer drivers. We unreservedly recommend the National Advanced Drivers School courses.
— Will Marshall / Corporate Services Manager - Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

I attended the level one drivers course in Accident avoidance and car control, many of us drive around our city streets and open roads thinking we are 6 foot tall and bullet proof, I know I have been guilty of this attitude on a number of times. The course has certainly opened my eyes and made me aware of my driving style.

By moving my seating position TWO CLICKS back I was able to stop half a car length quicker than before saving myself and the buckets from another head on crash. Thank you Humes and National Advanced Drivers School for investing the time and Money in my safety and the safety of others on the road.
— Jason Kiddie / Sales Humes Pipeline Systems

I attended your course based at Teretonga. I am e-mailing you to share an experience I had on the wet open roads of state high one this morning. I was traveling along at 100km/hr on my way to bluff, and saw a telecom power line worker standing on the right side of the road on the grass, from say 100 – 200m away. Before you no it the man proceeded to run out over the road to the other side without looking left! Straight away the defensive driving kicked in and I was only about 80m or say away from him running in to my lane when I hit the brakes. With no ABS I locked up and was sliding straight towards him for a second or so, then began to pulse the brakes and turn to deviate around the side of him. If I had not reacted with the pulsing of the brakes I would have killed this man I am sure of it! Once he had realised the mistake he had made he froze and stood in the middle of my lane! So if I had just remanded locked up, I would of collected him at roughly 80km/hr! I like to thank you for the opportunity of practicing this technique in a controlled environment in wet conditions, because of that practice and realisation of how 5km/hr difference in speed makes, a life was saved today I believe!
— Andy Fulton Hogan Southland

The course was well organised with a mixture of practical training on the track as well as theory sessions in the classroom. The whole team got a lot out of all the sessions and found the instructors particular knowledgeable and the sessions were even humorous with examples given on the area being covered. The sessions covered all the necessary areas including tyre maintenance, braking, avoiding an accident etc. Many thanks to you and your team for the day – the whole Heatheries team thoroughly enjoyed the day and got a lot out of the course and are now well skilled to deal with any situation.
— Andrew Moore / Executive Manager – NZ Sales Healtheries NZ Ltd

We’ve had a significant reduction in motor vehicle accidents. People have a better understanding of the vehicle they are driving. A lot of us who have been driving for many years think we know it all.
— Mike Vicary / Health and Safety Manager

I understand the dangers in cars on the road and I know that their are a lot of people who don’t necessarily have the same concept.
— Jack Weir / Human Resources Manager Smith and Nephew

Reduced Costs, Better fuel economies, less damage to the vehicle. Overall less running costs.
— Colin Waite / Manager Parking Services Waitakere City Council

The biggest place where we have real risk is with our people out on the road. It gives you confidence as to what your vehicle is capable of doing. It is confidence building, fun but challenging all at the same time. Well worth doing.
— Alistair Brown / Managing Director Merck Sharp and Dohme

We can’t afford to have people of the road through injury. People are more efficient and they get their cars looked at more quickly. It is Hugely Beneficial.
— Phillipa Wilson / Learning and Development Consultant Counties Manukau District Health Board