The National Advanced Driver's School was formed to promote and encourage safe driving habits and attitudes. The fundamental aim of the school is to teach drivers defensive driver behavior to help avoid accident situations and how to react correctly when confronted with potentially dangerous situations.


The School was founded in 1987, since then the school has rapidly gained a reputation for the effectiveness of its programmes.  The training combines a theory and practical element which makes the day engaging and challenging for most drivers.  National Advanced Drivers school has trained well over 50,000 participants with it successfully run programmes.


The emphasis in our courses has been gained from premier driver training programmes content sourced worldwide coupled with local industry technical input.
Our programmes include:

Our practical one day Level 1 course teaches accident avoidance, car control and defensive driving skills. By learning skills, the drivers become aware of their abilities and shortcomings and realise the need to drive defensively.

  • Car Control Courses

These courses are developed to achieve specific objectives. They include, Drive to Survive (Level 1), Drive Forever (Level 2) and Team Defensive Driving (TDD) team building activity days.

  • Special Courses or Special Company Days

We also offer special purpose courses,

  • Trailer backing and manoeuvring,

  • Extreme Weather Conditions

  • Special days at any of our regular locations or at locations that suit your buiness.

  • Remedial Coaching

Coaching for individuals requiring some extra work on specific areas is offered on a case by case basis.


The team of instructors have been selected not only for their driving skills but also for their instructing and coaching abilities and have backgrounds in many different areas of driving.